Catch with the Cylinder BRD.                 Catch without the Cylinder BRD.

The Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery is one of the most valuable fisheries in the U.S. providing jobs for many coastal residents. Commercial fishers and scientists are presently working together to help solve the bycatch problem. Through these cooperative research efforts, new bycatch reduction devices will soon be available to help reduce the capture of unwanted organisms. One of those devices is shown below:

Reducing Shrimp Trawl Bycatch


For the past several years we have been working on methods to reduce bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp trawl fishery. Toward that end we have developed the Nested Cylinder Bycatch Reduction Device. In recent testing the device enjoyed good bycatch reduction (38%) and shrimp retention (about 98%). A similarly configured device demonstrated good red snapper bycatch reduction (about 50%). The red snapper is a species that is presently over-fished in the Gulf of Mexico and reducing bycatch of this species may return snapper populations to sustainability.

         The Cylinder BRD